k. Our Irby Legacy

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Our Irby Legacy is an extraordinary story of American pride, integrity, and sustained brilliance, rooted in Christian love and faith. Witness the genius of this family as they walk you through multiple generations of significant accomplishments. A small portion of amazing love and committed devotion of the Irby family has been captured by one of its current matriarchs, Ms. Barbara Jean Irby. In this testimony of family history, she shares the stories of old by making her past come to life by telling of the pride, glory, and tremendous accomplishments of this American family. Rarely is the human investment made in documenting multiple generational achievements. Ms. Irby keeps her readers hanging on each word by slowly turning each page and enjoying the colorful illustrations that speaks to the essence of her family telling their personal stories. She goes beyond home movies and photo albums by publishing a text that shares a deep affectionate love that has sustained this family through the Reconstruction Era, multiple World Wars, the Great Depression, and solidifies her family’s history with a unique passion that will live on forever. Herein is the most recent Irby family tradition of preserving their narrative for generations to come, and for the world to see.

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