m. Simply Amazing: The Gary Mays Story

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“Simply Amazing” is a phrase reserved for those unique accomplishments or rare activities not routinely seen or experienced. “Simply Amazing” has been the full life of Mr. Gary Mays. As a young athlete, he defied odds and set unprecedented records while attending Armstrong High School, in Washington, DC Gary was not your typical athlete, he lost his left arm at the age of five, but would live on to play baseball and basketball with high caliber athletes as Elgin Baylor, John Thompson, and others. Gary Mays never allowed anything or anyone to stand in his way of slowing his pursuits to greatness. His audacious passion for sports afforded him national recognition by being recruited by the famed Harlem Globe Trotters, and would later equip him for life’s challenges. Gary would become that famous guy who lived next door, and a very recognized figure in the Washington DC area. The story of Gary Mays is nothing short of AMAZING, and you need to read his story from these pages to your heart. Learn the Mays story and share it with all who are willing to be inspired. You will never be the same after learning of this great American.

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